Saturday, March 26, 2011

Assignment for April Story Circle

Memoir Writing Prompt:

1. If you have journals or letters, take one day from your past and read about it. It doesn’t need to be a turning point or major life shift. Read the details in that day’s journal entry or in the letter you choose to reread. Does the entry or letter bring back memories of what else was going on in your life? Has your memory of that day changed over the years? Compare the two. Write for 10 minutes about this rediscovery of one day in your life. Focus on as many micro details as possible.
2. If you don’t have a paper trail for your past, choose a day from a previous decade in your life. Go online and read about the events of that date. You can always find news stories from major newspapers and you may be able to find stories from your hometown newspaper. Let those details help spark your time of rediscovering that day in your life. Write for 10 minutes.

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