Monday, March 7, 2011

Brandon Stanton is a photographer living in New York City his goal is to photograph every person in the city.
So far he's gathered over 1,600 portraits of strangers on the streets, and now is focusing more on their stories, not just the composition behind the photo. Some street photographers hide behind phone booths like paparazzi so their subject won't be aware of their presence, but for Stanton it's precisely that awkward interaction, tearing down of the wall between strangers, that he covets.
"A lot of times I ask these people very personal questions, and they'll answer. They'll tell me everything because a lot of times I'm the only one who's ever asked. I can just tell when I talk to them-- eight million people in this city, and nobody's ever asked about their life."   Recently Stanton spoke to HuffPost:

Jan says: Everyone has a story. Not everyone has someone or anyone who is interested in listening. As writers--to listen then to record their stories is our gift.

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Bria Burton said...

It is so true. Everyone has a story, and as a writer, we want to tell that story in the best and most intriguing way--the real challenge! Good luck with completing your memoir.