Friday, August 31, 2012

People Watching

What an opportunity a vacation is for developing characters, creating scenes and discovering new plots.

If you are fortunate enough to have a vacation coming up use it to stock your writing treasure chest. Watch the way people walk, talk and what they tote. Wonder where they are going and where they just came from.

One sad thing - not many are smiling, looking up, or walking tall, most are a bit hunched over, backs rounded, right shoulder up, left shoulder bent to listen to their iphone cradled there. They seem to be leaning left as they walk.

Others are chatting away to themselves or the air - or are they talking to me? No, they’re wearing a blue tooth devise, involved in some other time and place.

I'm visiting old friends. We reminisce. They take me to the homes of their children and I get to meet the grandkids, too. I notice how they gather to eat, at the table or around the TV? What they eat - from vegan to meat and potatoes families. Are they night owls or morning people?

We tour their favorite places, two Elks Clubs, a small hole in the wall place in Beverly and the big, bright and airy Elks surrounded by windows overlooking the rocky coast in  Rockport, MA. I'm with my friend Mary Jane. We exercise at the YMCA for water aerobics, and have brunch at the Wenham Tea House. I've been driven up and down my favorite coast north of Boston - to airports, subway stations, and museums.

One of the most interesting places was Charles Street in Boston where I sat at an outdoor cafe. It was around 6:30pm, horns tooting, runners getting their bodies moving after a day at the desk, or in a meeting, some with pizza boxes others with carryout dinners or bouquets of fresh flowers. Each living a life of many stories. Imagine!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Story Circle is expanding!

I am still at work putting the new blog together. Meanwhile, I have great news - the Story Circle is expanding! My original vision to develop story circles at 3 libraries is coming to fruition. The first Wednesday of the month will be at the Largo Library, third Wednesday still at safety Harbor, and the fourth Wednesday will be at the Dunedin Library. The big plan is to then gather the 3 circles together quarterly. What fun and inspiration! I'm thinking of a Saturday afternoon for the quarterly. Please pass the word and let me know what you think! Write on! Jan

Monday, August 6, 2012

Changes are coming

Hello Writers,

This month we are writing a 600 word piece about an animal, any animal, real or imagined that has impacted your life in some special way. Is it a family pet, a power animal, a totem? As always we'll be anxious to hear you read your story at our next Story Circle - August 15, 6-7:45 pm at the Safety Harbor Library.

What changes are coming? I'm changing my blog to Word Press.'m hoping for a smooth transition. The new blog will show all comments and give us a greater opportunity for dialogue. I want to hear your thoughts and comments, too. The new blog will be up in a few days.

A reminder that my next Dream Workshop is this week at the St Pete Beach Library. Wednesday August 8, from 6-8:00 pm 365 73rd Ave, St Pete Beach. Come and bring a friend who may agree to be your Dream Buddy. We had 25 people at the last one at the Dunedin Library - what a fun time!