Monday, August 6, 2012

Changes are coming

Hello Writers,

This month we are writing a 600 word piece about an animal, any animal, real or imagined that has impacted your life in some special way. Is it a family pet, a power animal, a totem? As always we'll be anxious to hear you read your story at our next Story Circle - August 15, 6-7:45 pm at the Safety Harbor Library.

What changes are coming? I'm changing my blog to Word Press.'m hoping for a smooth transition. The new blog will show all comments and give us a greater opportunity for dialogue. I want to hear your thoughts and comments, too. The new blog will be up in a few days.

A reminder that my next Dream Workshop is this week at the St Pete Beach Library. Wednesday August 8, from 6-8:00 pm 365 73rd Ave, St Pete Beach. Come and bring a friend who may agree to be your Dream Buddy. We had 25 people at the last one at the Dunedin Library - what a fun time!

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