Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Story Circle is expanding!

I am still at work putting the new blog together. Meanwhile, I have great news - the Story Circle is expanding! My original vision to develop story circles at 3 libraries is coming to fruition. The first Wednesday of the month will be at the Largo Library, third Wednesday still at safety Harbor, and the fourth Wednesday will be at the Dunedin Library. The big plan is to then gather the 3 circles together quarterly. What fun and inspiration! I'm thinking of a Saturday afternoon for the quarterly. Please pass the word and let me know what you think! Write on! Jan


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan, I look forward to seeing you at the next Story Circle and to your new blog!! Please post some of your writing for us to read!!

Susan Miller said...

The new Story Circles sound great! It would be fun to have quarterly meetings with all groups. Susan Miller

Anonymous said...

Jan: I'm trying to find out what this group's mission is and can't. All that I'm told by librarian's is that they think it's a memoir writing group -- and that's sketchy. Is this a CRITIQUE group? Could you please direct me to where this information is.

Thank you,