Monday, September 5, 2011

The Art of Letter Writing - Is It Lost?

I love to write letters almost as much as I love to get them. Alas, today it is rare to find a personal handwritten letter in the mailbox.

I've saved most of the letters I've ever received, at least the important ones. I always thought I'd enjoy reading them again someday when I get old and have nothing else to do. Ha! Well here I am and I still have plenty of interesting stuff to do.

I just found a fascinating place to submit letters, the ones you write not the ones you receive. But that'll work to prime your writing pen. Find an old box of letters and answer one from today's POV.

I have a precious collection of letters from my dad when he was in the Air Force and I was in elementary school. I've carried them from place to place my whole life. When my dad died several years ago I found a cigar box, inside tied in an old faded pink ribbon, were all the letters I had written to him.

I'm going to follow my own advise and answer one of them from my heart of today. Then I'll submit it here:

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Virginia said...

If you have writer's Block I found a great site to subscribe to that is free:

Pat said...

Great post, Jan!

Anonymous said...

I have the letters my brother wrote to me from Vietman. I was a cranky teenager in the late 60's and he was the kindhearted GI Joe serving his country. I do need to pull out those letters and respond to one or two. Thanks for a great idea. Sheila MC

Jan Golden said...

Good idea! sheila