Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Work With The Dream

See the previous post.  The 'good' dream - as I recorded it and told it to my dream buddy the content became clear. Why on earth would I dream about Brad Pitt? Since dreams are often metaphorical and full of symbols I asked myself what Brad symbolizes to me.  I read his image as being: a loving and faithful husband, a devoted father, a success in his career and a man who does good works - is socially responsible. No wonder his dream attention was so nurturing and profound for me. My ideal man.

The nightmare - someone took my car, my keys and was trying to kill me. These are all universal symbols not too hard to figure out. My car is how I get there/travel. Keys are needed to unlock things: could be my house, my car, my heart, my creativity - you get it. So when I reflect on how my life has been going lately, I know what it means to me. It means that the situations in my life that seem beyond control at the moment are keeping me from my writing (creativity). I have an important deadline. Unless I recognize this and draw some pretty tight boundaries around my time I'm dead in the water.



I love that you are analyzing dreams and how they impact our lives and creativity as writers. I am experiencing something similar and agree that the meaning behind dreams, albeit obscure at times, is the mind’s way of sorting out important situations. I hope your dreams continue to inspire your creativity, and you find the time you need to write. All the best!

Jan Golden said...

Thanks for your comment Cate. Dreams can sometimes be so amazing - it seems like they come from another lifetime.

Dianne P said...

Hi Jan,
I like to think that many things we dream about come from ourselves. I think you're right, the nightmare is the concern over 'things out of your control' robbing you of your creativity, but I also think the Brad Pitt dream may also be your own internal nurturing self letting you know you have the abilities to unlock your creativity and go to the next level. Brad Pitt represents 'the magic in you'. The intensity of the nightmare dream shows you're getting close to a breakthrough. That, or you had nachos at 10:30 p.m. the night before. ;-)