Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do You Remember and Work With Your Dreams?

I am struck once again with the impact imagination and perception have. Two nights ago on the full moon I had a nurturing dream. Last night I had a intense nightmare. Both absolutely influenced the quality of my energy on awakening and on my day. 

The nurturing dream left me mellow, feeling loved and confident.

The nightmare has my heart pounding still, even though I know it isn’t real. This is why I work to recall my dreams. If you awake with either of these feelings and don’t realize they are from a dream you won’t know to do an exercise to dissipate the bad energy so it won’t stay around all day, or to be thankful and welcome the nurturing energy to stay around. 

For the “good” dream I’d asked, when ready to fall asleep, “I want a dream where I feel loved.” My dream friend was Brad Pitt - sorry Angelina. The dream was not sexual but full of intimacy.

In the nightmare someone took my car, my keys, and was trying to kill me. My imagination took this as authentic - I was terrorized and still feel the effect an hour after waking. Excuse me please while I go do a meditation to scatter the heavy energy around me. 

Do you remember your dreams?

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