Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear Photograph

Assignment for Story Circle Writers Group, Safety Harbor Library, June 20, 6-7:45 pm.

Find a photo of yourself at an active age/time from age 6 to 18. Write 600 words or less as a "Dear Photograph" piece. Here is a start off example - Dear Jan, I notice in this photograph of you at about 6 years old that you are standing erect, arms straight down, and you seem ready to burst with exuberance. I never noticed until many years later that your fists are clenched. I've seen this in several photos of you at that age. Looking back over many years I see a little girl being a little held down, held back, hostage to the times when little girls had to be seen and not heard, always wear a dress and "act like a lady." Sit straight in your chair, keep your knees together, and above all never climb a tree. 

This is the start to my piece, which I'll bring to read on June 20th.

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I have been on a sabbatical since my last post in January, since then I've moved twice and didn't always have access to the Internet from home. Now you will see me post on a more regular basis. Thanks for your continued interest. 

I'd like to post a couple of your Dear Photograph Stories on the blog. Interested? Please say so in the comments section.

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