Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey You

Writing Assignment for July 18, 2012 Story Circle  Safety Harbor Library
By Sheila McNaughton - Guest Blogger

Everyone has a name.  Some of us are called by the name we were giving at birth, or our middle name or a combination or abbreviation of it.  Others by a nickname someone along the line created. 

We decide on the names of our children:

A name from the family:  my father was Denver Homer.  He made us all promise never to name any of our children after him.

A dear friend, someone you knew and loved

In honor of someone who has died:  After a friend lost his son to cancer other friends  found out they were pregnant.  They asked if they could name their child Jordan.

A celebrity:  a friend named her son Keanu after Keanu Reeves. He goes by KC

The city or place where they were conceived.

An object:  Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter is Apple

So many names and so many reasons why that name was picked by you or for you or someone you know.  Your assignment in 600 words or less is to tell the story about how someone got their name;  your own, your child, a friend, a family member.

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Dianne P said...

I also think nicknames are fun - where you got them, whether it's one you love or hate, what it means to you now (and if you can ever escape them). Looking forward to next week!!