Monday, October 15, 2012

Hi Writers,

A long delay in posts - my bad. I've been lost between the two formats while trying to transfer the blog to WordPress.

We heard some entertaining  and touching stories about aprons at the Circle last month. You said it seemed like a lousy topic - until you started writing. Then some pretty interesting stuff came up. I asked some of you to post your stories here on the blog but so far no one has done so.

To take us a step further in our writing practice our home work assignment was to re-write using dialogue. We discussed how dialogue is used advance the story and to pull the reader in. Bring your edited story to read.

Most of us have held a job of some kind from babysitting, cashier, manager,
salesperson, teacher, etc.  The jobs we have held may or may not have been
the one we dreamed of when we were asked "What do you want to be when you
grow up?"

Think back to a job you enjoyed.  One you liked going to, one where you
learned a lot about a particular business, people or yourself.  How did you
get it?  Did you apply from a sign in a window or an ad in the paper?  Did
you have an inside track to the position?  Did the job find you?

Your assignment, in 600 words or less, is to write about getting the job you
enjoyed.  In addition to writing about the experience use dialog in your
story.  Dialog can help define the characters and the setting as well as
move the story along.

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Dianne P said...

Welcome back, Jan! I will not be there this time - celebrating my wedding anniversary instead. See you in November!
Remember NANOWRIMO starting November 1st!! Safety Harbor Library has some get-togethers for it, and Amanda & I participated last year. It's fun!!
Dianne P. ;-)