Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Silence Your Inner Critic

I don’t know about you but worrying about what the other people in my memoir might think or how they may react to reading my story sometimes stops me cold when I begin to write. Here are some words from Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett (Story Circle Network) and writer’s of the blog Women’s Memoirs

“Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your inner voice,” Kendra says.” I hear this often from our students:

“My sister doesn’t think I should write a memoir.”
“My parents don’t want this family story told.”
“I’m worried I’ll offend someone.”
“I think I should get permission from other family members before I write.”

Using any of the above as your inspiration, write about how you hope to or are already following that advice. Is there a specific thing you can do to change or silence the voice?  For next month write a 600 or less word piece about what you might, or already do, to silence the inner critic.

Remember, your words matter.  

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